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Willow Herbnerd & Taj Scicluna

We are Alchemical Ecology



noun: synergy; plural noun: synergies; noun: synergism; plural noun: synergisms

  1. the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.


Willow Herbnerd & Taj Scicluna met in 2016, and have been dreaming herbal creations into life ever since! We are both Permaculturists that exercise ecological thinking, and our powerful love of the medicinal plant world is not just tailored to the healing of human individuals, but in collaboration with the other-than-human ecosystem. 

We share a deep and resilient friendship, as well as working as synergistic colleagues to bring forth more than we could as solitary business owners. Our mutual support and praise allow one another to bring their gifts more fully into the world, and we are extremely excited to share our creations with you! 

Remembering Our Roots 

Botanical Education 

Our Courses are created using Permaculture design principles, and we consider the educational ecology for a grounded, interesting and deep learning experience. 


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Willow Herbnerd

Willow Herb-nerd is driven by a deep love of life and a curiosity of systems and mechanisms that make everything possible. She combines old knowledge with modern science, always questioning the inner workings and complexities of the natural world to develop well thought out solutions. 

Working to de-mystify the wisdom of plants, Willow translates this to everyday life so that others can access this lost knowledge and reclaim their relationship to the land. 

Willow weaves the fields of Herbalism and Permaculture design, seamlessly integrating the cultivation and application of plants to produce effective designs, gardens, medicines and courses. 

Having a unique ability to understand patterns and construct functional webs, Willow grounds scientific intelligence with earth based spirituality to formulate grounded alchemy. 

Her authenticity is reflected through her genuine nature, and she is equally as satisfied being enveloped in studious meditation by the fire as she is watching butterflies beat their wings upon the backdrop of the blue sky. She values her transparency, honesty and efficiency, and these qualities are echoed in her work. Each task is carried out with a meticulous rhythm, and the results show a quality reflective of the knowledge and wisdom that Willow uses to produce outcomes aligned with her ethics.  

Willow believes that everyone has the capacity to remember their roots and harbour a re-connection with the wilderness, and uses accessible plants to facilitate this relationship, giving people the opportunity to connect to their local surrounds. 

This is an vital part of Willows work, as she believes that having an intimate understanding of our seasons and cycles is essential to living a life of purpose, freedom and vitality. 

The Perma Pixie 

'The Perma Pixie' is Taj Scicluna's small business, based on her deep poetic love of the Botanical Realm.

Taj is an artist who fuses together her love of Herbalism, Foraging, Writing, Cooking, Ecosystem Health, Personal Health and Education into a cohesive offering. Her business is a platform for creativity, a place to weave the romantic wonder of the botanical into something tangible to share with the world. 

At her core, Taj aims to support people as they bridge the gap between themselves and 'nature', to support the 'remembering' that we belong to the botanical, that we are woven into the photosynthetic web, and that we are truly animal.

She aims to co-collaborate in repairing the rupture we have created in our experience of being 'civilised', of using language to keep us separate, believing that healing is done in this process of being in relationship with the botanical rather than treating it as a resource. Healing is within the process, not the product.

To carry out this purpose, Taj lives a lifestyle dedicated to her values, and educates via workshops, courses, mentorship, patreon and one-on-one cliental consults.